Manganese Phosphating chemicals

Manganese Phosphating chemicals
Manganese Phosphating chemicals
Product Description

Phosphate chemicals protect metals from corrosion and increase its resistance to wear for further application. The phosphate coating is an ideal base for subsequent painting, liquid paints, powder coating, oil coating , rubber coating  and cold forming.



There are three major reasons for phosphating benefiting your process.


         form a stable inert coating on the metal surface


         provide excellent paint adhesion


         inhibit the spread of corrosion from damaged area






ii)                 EVERPHOS- Calcium modified zinc phosphating chemicals




                                     Everphos is a calcium modified chemicals for painting surface. Everphos produce fine smooth zinc phosphate coating on properly cleaned metal surface. Its fine crystal formation ensures minimum paint shrinkage in to the phosphate layer and hence minimum gloss reduction.


     both hot and cold phosphating


     phosphating chemicals available for both dip and spray type mode of application


     phosphating chemicals for steel and iron surface






iii)               TRIPHOS- Tricationic phosphating




                          Triphos is tricationic phosphating chemical for painting  


Surface.  Typical uses include car accessories, metal cases, signs, stampings, washing machine cabinets, and sheet metal parts.  It is particularly recommended for articles, which will have to withstand severe climate conditions after painting.



     both dip and spray type chemicals



iv)               GALPHOS- Phosphating chemicals for galvanized surface




                  Galphos is a phosphating chemical for painting in galvanized surface. Galphos produces fine smooth zinc phosphating on properly cleaned galvanized metal surface.


     both hot and cold phosphating


     phosphating chemicals available for both dip and spray type mode of




     phosphating chemicals for steel and iron surface





v)                 ALUPHOS- Phosphating chemicals for aluminium surface




                     Aluphos is a phosphating chemical for painting in aluminium surface. It is chrome free chemicals for corrosion prevention and protection for aluminium surface. Phosphated surface in Aluphos is ideally suited for organic finishing (painting or powder coating) surface. Phosphated parts in Aluphos can be welded prior to organic coating that gives out standard mechanical properties







vi)               SURPHOS- Phosphating chemicals for oil coating





                  Surphos is a phosphating chemical for oiling surface. It produces phosphate coating on cleaned steel and zinc surface. The components are phosphate coated and sealed with suitable rust preventive oil. Surphos is ideally suited for use on moving parts such as piston rings, gears and crank shaft. It forms a coating integral with the metal and when oiled it will be used as bearing surface which holds the oil between the moving parts.



      zinc based phosphate coating


      manganese based phosphate coating








vii)             DRAWPHOS- Phosphating chemicals for cold forming



                      Drawphos is a phosphating chemical for cold forming components. It forms heavy Zinc phosphate on properly cleaned ferrous surface.


     chemicals for tube drawing


     chemicals for wire drawing






















































































































































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